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Biased Attribution

What is Biased Attribution?

Biased attribution is a term used to describe a measurement platform that has a financial interest in the success of a particular set of advertising or affiliate networks. While biased
attribution impacts marketers and advertisers around the world, this conflict of interest primarily affects two specific attribution providers.

For example, one attribution provider offers a paid partnership program for ad networks, as well as their own DMP. Though these new revenue sources are good for their bottom line, their financial relationships with select ad networks have raised a number of eyebrows, leading a number of major brands to move their business to unbiased providers.

Similarly, another attribution provider has another business line delivering solutions for affiliate networks – including many of the largest perpetrators of fraud in the market.

Over the last two years, both of these biased attribution providers have lost significant market share. Be very careful when evaluating sales or marketing statement about “unbiased attribution”, particularly from US-based providers.

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