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Fraudulent In-App Events

What are Fraudulent In-App Events?

Sending fraudulent in-app events helps fraudsters improve the perceived value of the installs they drive. Fraudulent in-app events can be sent from bots and servers, as well as fraudsters using real devices looking to inflate the “quality” of their installs before resetting their DeviceIDs.



Device ID rest fraud

Device ID rest fraud


How This Works:

Fraudsters program their bots to mimic a real user interaction to go through levels, in-app actions and behavior, going as far as a purchase. Once reached, these can also be faked by the fraudster by simply reporting events without actually reaching or conducting them.


Why AppsFlyer:

Keeping a close eye even on attributed installs not initially flagged as fraudulent, Protect360 will examine in-app user behavior to identify anomalies- blocking events identified as fraudulent. 


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