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In-App Engagement (Revenue Fraud)

What is In-App Engagement and Revenue Fraud?

In-app engagement and revenue fraud is a class of mobile fraud that covers fabricated in-app events, as well as fabricated in-app revenue events, usually targeting CPA and ROI-based campaigns.



How This Works:

Fraudsters operating from device farms or utilizing emulators will simulate real user behavior, using low cost workers or bots, to legitimize their installs by interacting with deeper, post install events. Adapting their fraud methods to LTV focused advertisers, fraudsters aim for both creating a false image of clean traffic with this interaction and the payouts associated with post install events.


Why AppsFlyer:

Protect360 utilizes secure, post-compilation SDKs, receipt validation and DeviceID and IP blacklisting – all common ways to detect and fight engagement and revenue fraud.


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