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New Devices Fraud

What is New Devices Fraud?

Fraudsters may mask their devices by frequently resetting their main IDs of their devices – IDFA for iOS and GAID for Android. 


How This Works:

Fraudsters (usually ones operating device farms) will engage with ads through their various devices, conducting the actions required to gain attribution or rewarded actions. Once the rewarded action is complete the fraudster will reset the device ID so it would appear as a new device to conduct further actions. A high percentage of new devices is a strong indication of the occurrence of fraudulent activity by device farms, unless a campaign intentionally targets new devices.


Device ID rest fraud

Device ID rest fraud

Why AppsFlyer:

Most mobile devices are recognized by AppsFlyer since AppsFlyer’s SDK exists in over 95% of them globally. Using Protect360, marketers can easily identify which sources send large numbers, or high densities of New Devices. This is the only timely and accurate way to detect DeviceID Reset Fraud and DeviceID Reset Marathons.


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