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SiteIDs & Sub-Publishers

What are SiteID’s & Sub-Publishers?

SiteIDs are the sub-publishers or specific properties where ads actually run. In today’s fragmented market, many networks resell traffic as affiliate networks. In these cases, SiteIDs reflect the affiliate network rather than a specific website or application. Most networks mask their SiteIDs, sending an internal identifier code rather than the actual SiteID. Some networks change their SiteIDs from advertiser to advertiser, making it harder for fraud solutions to identify problematic SiteIDs.


Why Is This Important:

While some media sources consistently send fraudulent traffic or click floods across large swaths of their network, this is not the norm. Most advertisers will find more advanced fraud at the SiteID rather than the campaign, geo or media source level. For example, DeviceID Reset Fraud tends to occur at the SiteID level, rather than at the network level.


DeviceID Reset Fraud at the SiteID Level in Protect360



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