Embrace the change: What you need to know about the migration to UAC

By Lior Goldin
google uac view through attribution

AppsFlyer and Google have partnered to bring new transparency to View-through Attribution, with segmented click-through and view-through attribution.

To give you a more complete picture of how your ads are performing, Google has launched View-Through Conversions reporting in Universal App Campaigns, also available in AppsFlyer. With VTC reporting, you can measure consistently across channels and understand which viewable ad impressions were associated with conversions.

In this webinar Ben Roodman, AppsFlyer’s Sr. Director of Partner Development, and Alexandra Whitaker, Google’s Global Product Lead for Apps, discuss how to activate VTC for UAC on AppsFlyer and the best practices around view through conversion reporting. 


Lior Goldin

As a Partner Development Manager, Lior manages AppsFlyer’s worldwide partnership with Google. Prior to joining AppsFlyer, Lior worked with leading marketers and agencies, bringing innovative marketing and advertising campaigns to life.

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