Announcing Campaign Management Integrations to streamline marketing workflows

By Pavel Dimshiz
campaign management integrations

Mobile app user acquisition is becoming increasingly challenging. As the mobile ecosystem continues to grow, marketers are faced with the daunting task of manually managing multiple platforms and dashboards to keep up with the increasing number of user acquisition channels.

In fact, marketers often handle an average of 10-15 ad networks simultaneously, resulting in hundreds of subsets and thousands of manual actions they need to take in order to maintain their campaigns. That’s a hugely time consuming and inefficient activity. 

But above all, their ability to monitor performance, make correct bids, and take actions in real-time is very limited. It ends up hurting their ability to successfully scale their activity and maximize ROAS.

Enter Campaign Management Platforms

Campaign management platforms address these challenges head-on by simplifying the process of multi-channel UA management.

With the help of campaign management platforms, marketers can save time and perform data-driven decisions at scale by automating repetitive workflows and centralizing all of their marketing data in a single place. 

To give our customers the ability to utilize these features in the most efficient way possible, we’ve integrated with the industry-leading platforms operating in this space: Bidalgo, Algolift, Bidshake, and Appsumer.

Leveraging AppsFlyer’s Attribution Data

With the integration in place, marketers can leverage AppsFlyer’s attribution data directly within their platform of choice, and by that, enabling end-to-end automation of UA processes.

Clement Boutignon, Head of Product at Appsumer, had a few words to say about this integration:

“The integration with AppsFlyer has enabled us to process even more data, and deliver it earlier, empowering UA teams using Appsumer to make decisions faster.”

Getting started

Enabling Campaign Management Integrations is easy.

Simply head over to the partner configuration page in the AppsFlyer platform and toggle on the access to the desired platform.

Campaign Management Integrations AppsFlyer

Once enabled, aggregated data will be sent to the partner you chose.

Niv Yemini, CTO at Bidalgo, highlighted how important this is in their workflow:

“Using the Campaign Management Integration, we were able to give marketers total access to a wider array of data and insights across all the core channels that AppsFlyer supports and leverage our AI-powered creative and media insights.”

Enabling an open, flexible ecosystem

With AppsFlyer’s attribution data as the foundation of the advertiser’s marketing tech stack, advertisers can drive innovation through a connected ecosystem of technology partners.

This is just the first step towards a bigger vision: enabling a truly open ecosystem where advertisers will have the flexibility to choose from a variety of solutions while leveraging AppsFlyer’s accurate attribution data.

Pavel Dimshiz

With over six years in the Adtech space, Pavel brings rich experience in developing and distributing creative monetization products that people love. Pavel is passionate about everything digital and in the last two years has been focused on exploring new and emerging technologies that will shape the future of content and advertising

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