Integrated Mobile Ad Networks

Mobile marketers work with a number of ad networks to promote their app, driving user acquisition, retention and engagement with retargeting campaigns. With over one thousand mobile ad networks in the ecosystem and new dozens of new networks emerging every month, integrating, attributing performance and managing each network can be incredibly tiresome, difficult and complex.

Each ad network has it’s own niche and data needs. While some mobile ad networks specialize in verticals like gaming or finance, or specific regions or ad formats (e.g. video or offerwalls), others define their value with lookalike targeting, behavioral targeting and retargeting capabilities. Our intuitive reporting dashboards and industry studies make it easy for marketers to identify the top performance ad networks for their needs.

Each type of network has their own data needs – and for many of these ad networks, access to the right data at the right time will greatly improve their performance. Properly implementing and QAing a new SDK for each ad network, or formatting and maintaining postbacks or proprietary integrations with each network is simply too heavy a task for most marketers. As app marketers scale their efforts, the delay and cost of adding new SDKs or manually implementing and QAing postbacks slows their progress and drains their technical resources. Furthermore, many of the largest mobile ad networks in the world (e.g. Facebook, Google, Twitter) will only sync attribution and engagement data via a limited number of certified partners.

AppsFlyer’s deep integrations with nearly every ad network in the world including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat allow marketers to attribute their installs and sync their user-engagement data without needing to add any new SDKs. Simple drop down menus make it easy for marketers to sync their in-app events using pre-configured integrations – no need to manually configure tracking links or postbacks. We’ve done all the hard work, so marketers don’t have to.

AppsFlyer’s Universal SDK - The Smarter Way To Sync With Mobile Ad Networks

With AppsFlyer, working with 10 networks is as easy as managing 30. AppsFlyer’s Universal SDK simplifies the entire process. Instead of having to install each ad network’s SDK (a time-consuming, resource intensive process) the AppsFlyer platform can automatically sync the attribution and engagement data measured by AppsFlyer with ad networks. This gives marketers the flexibility to add and test new mobile ad networks and optimize campaigns without delay.

Adding New Media Sources

Adding new media sources with AppsFlyer is a breeze. Just click on the desired network, follow the simple on-screen steps and you’re good to go! You can even define custom attribution lookback windows right from this screen. The tracking link will automatically update based on the preferences you choose. It’s that easy.

Want to sync your engagement data? Simply select the in-app event you want to share, and match it with the related in-app event from the ad network. No coding, or manual postback configurations needed.

But wait, there’s more! Click on over the Permissions tab to control which partner-specific settings and reports your integrated partners can manage for you, making it easier than ever to work with virtually every platform and provider in the world.

Preferred Measurement Partners

AppsFlyer is a certified third-party measurement platform for every major ad network in the industry, including Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Only certified mobile measurement partners can deliver accurate attribution for these platforms. Alternative solutions such as deep linking fail to deliver basic data such as timestamps for clicks, and cannot deliver accurate, reliable attribution and performance data. The basics, such as last-click or multi-touch attribution are simply not possible without deep, certified integrations. AppsFlyer is the only attribution provider in the world to not only deep, certified integrations with leading mobile ad networks, but also automated cost and ROI reporting for Facebook and Google, two of the top networks in the world.

Unbiased Attribution - An Unique Value Proposition

AppsFlyer has no financial interest in, and does not offer any paid products for any advertising or affiliate networks. We do not offer a DSP or DMP or a preferred partner program. While this lack of a secondary revenue stream puts AppsFlyer in a unique position in the market, the world’s largest brands trust AppsFlyer precisely because our focus is exclusively on helping advertisers understand and improve their mobile app marketing performance. Conflicts of interest is an industry-wide issue. Your attribution and performance analytics are simply too important, and the cost of bias to high, to trust to a biased or interested third-party.

Breaking Into New Markets

As marketers expand to new markets, there is often a significant learning curve. For example, in the Chinese market advertisers must learn to work with alternative app stores (rather than Google Play), which have their own limitations. AppsFlyer’s global experience and dynamic solutions allow marketers to attribute and measure their efforts across each of these unique scenarios.

Building New Relationships

At AppsFlyer, we have an entire team dedicated to forging robust relationships with and strengthening our integrations across the entire mobile marketing ecosystem. As part of these efforts, we provide all AppsFlyer customers with access to our entire network of integrated partners, right from the dashboard. Just click on the “Request introduction” button and we’ll be sure to connect you to the appropriate representative from any of our integrated partners.  

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