Agency Transparency for Mobile App Marketers

Agency Transparency

The topic of agency transparency has driven a large amount of industry dialog over the last couple of years. As an industry, marketers choose to partner with agencies for their deep experience, strategic guidance, efficiency, and economies of scale that often deliver substantial savings. However, as media buying and negotiations have become more complex, brands and industry trade groups have begun advocating, and at times demanding, increased transparency from agencies.

AppsFlyer’s agency solutions allow agencies to manage campaigns on behalf of clients, appearing as alongside their ad networks and owned media channels right in their client’s reporting dashboards. By default, traffic purchased through an agency was masked, and did not show which ad networks or sub-publishers ran the media. Now, with a single click, agencies can become fully transparent, revealing their media costs, impressions, clicks and installs right in their client dashboards.

This one-click solution replaces a slow, manual process wherein agencies must export raw data and build offline reports to share their progress, replacing it with a clean, streamlined, efficient process. We have worked closely with both marketers and our agency partners to create this feature, and appreciate your continued input and feedback.

Agency Transparency is available to all AppsFlyer customers, across all pricing packages, and must be enabled by the agency.

Win-Win for Marketers and Agencies

Advantages for Marketers

  • Understand exactly what you are paying for
  • Know exactly where your media is running
  • Unified reporting across all partners via a single dashboard

Advantages for Agencies

  • Demonstrate the impact of your expertise
  • One-Click Setup
  • No need to manually export or report data

As an agency, advertisers trust us with their advertising budgets. While we have long been at the forefront this movement, and have invested in enabling transparency, AppsFlyer’s new capabilities enable Fetch clients to see the most granular data directly in their dashboards, as well as through the data provided via Fetch offering a view of real-time mobile performance in an automated and efficient manner.

Beyond providing my teams with a seamless solution, this has the added benefit of providing our clients with a unified dashboard where they can clearly see the advantage of working with a best-in-class agency.

Dan Wilson, Global Head of Data