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Smarter Segmentation

 Your mobile data should deliver more than just insights.

Data is great, but the real impact comes when you take action, improving your user acquisition, targeting and re-engagement to measurably boost your bottom line. AppsFlyer’s Audiences delivers the most robust and dynamic segmentation solution in the world, so you can seamlessly move from insight to action.


Flexible Audience Builder

At AppsFlyer, we believe that building a smart, dynamic, targeted audience segment shouldn’t be hard work. Our flexible, enterprise-grade Audience builder allows marketers to dynamically segment any audience using straightforward Boolean logic (rules like X AND Y).

Setting up an audience segment couldn’t be easier:

  1. Select your audience criteria (e.g. impression, click, type of user engagement, event values) as well as your desired timespan
  2. Add any additional filtering criteria, such as additional in-app events or events values. Real-time previews show your approximate audience size, so you can gauge the impact of each filter
  3. Click save to sync this audience with your preferred ad networks or repositories

For example, let’s say I want to target users who installed my app in the last 7 days and completed a level of your game. With AppsFlyer’s advanced Audiences platform, this entire process would take less than 10 seconds.

  1. Select your app and set the install date range to 7 days.
  2. Add a filter to select users who completed a game level at least once in the last 7 days.
  3. Save to sync.

This data will now sync to your preferred sources and update automatically. No need to update CSVs, reupload data or force a sync. Just set it once, and the audience will continue to update automatically. It’s that easy.

We have done the hard work, working with each of the Audience partners to pre-configure and format all of your mobile install and engagement data, managing the dynamic data transfer via deep, API integrations to allow for seamless, effortless, error-free data flow. This is the way audience segmentation was meant to be done.

Audiences – What They Mean to You

Audience segmentation holds incredible value for nearly every app, across every vertical. For example, let’s say you are marketing a ride sharing app. Here are five ways you can use Audiences to improve your performance.

Retargeting and Re-engagement
Improve your re-engagement by targeting users who ordered multiple rides last month, but were inactive this month

Lookalike Audiences
Improve your user acquisition by targeting prospects who “look” like your best users – those that ordered more than 10 rides in the last 30 days

Uninstall Recovery
Target users who recently uninstalled your app with custom creative to drive reinstalls.

Exclusion Segmentation
Remove users that you are targeting on Network A, and would not like to target on Network B. Or create an audience segment of problematic users (e.g. those who constantly demand refunds) and exclude them from your re-engagement campaigns.

Cross-App Promotions
Target users who were once very active in one of your apps but have not been as active, with ads for your newest release.

Advanced Integrations

AppsFlyer’s Audiences platform is the first of its kind, an audience segmentation solution built on pre-configured, direct API-level integrations with each integrated source. By pre-configuring all data and syncing directly with source APIs, we have fully automated the entire data transfer process, removing human error and the need for manpower-intensive field mappings or data uploads for each Audience partner.You will never need to download or upload CSVs or manually setup field mappings to individual sources; making Audiences the fastest, easiest and most reliable mobile advertising segmentation solution.

AppsFlyer’s Audiences platform includes supports Facebook, Yahoo! Gemini, Twitter, Adobe Audience Manager, Criteo, Aarki, InMobi, Pushspring, MyTarget, AppLovin, ironSource, Tapjoy and more. Audience extraction can also be automated to Slack and Amazon S3. Check out the Help Center for a full list of supported partners.

Total Control

Some marketers are hesitant to share their in-app engagement data with their network partners. As a result, these marketers were somewhat limited in their ability to both target and re-engage based on their in-app engagement.

AppsFlyer’s advanced Audiences platform helps these savvy marketers deliver better targeting and re-engagement, without compromising on their data transfer concerns. Audiences syncs only the DeviceIDs of installs that meet the marketer-defined Audience criteria, allowing marketers concerned about sharing in-app engagement data to maintain the optimal degree of data privacy while enabling advanced partner features.

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