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Campaign Management Integrations

Save time and make smarter marketing decisions by automating the flow of your mobile attribution data to industry leading campaign management platforms.

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One-click integration for better campaign management

Tap into a growing ecosystem of the best of breed marketing solutions that leverage AppsFlyer’s attribution and ad spend data.

We always put your interests first

We don’t believe in vendor lock-in, that’s why we give you the flexibility to work with the platforms of your choice.

Petabyte-scale data sets at unprecedented speed

AppsFlyer’s deep integrations give you the ability to do even more with your attribution data. Using our robust API, syncing your data with your preferred campaign management platform has never been easier.

Smart automation for a more streamlined workflow

With an ever increasing number of user acquisition channels to analyze and update on a daily basis, having your attribution data connected to your campaign management platform is indispensable for simplifying your UA.