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Transparent to The Core

We are proud to offer the industry’s most reliable and widely trusted mobile attribution and analytics platform. To us, transparency isn’t just a buzzword, it’s how we do business. This is why we have made our internal Pingdom overview reports accessible to the public. This is why we offer both advertiser and agency level accounts – so that agencies can be as transparent as they want to be. This is also why we offer full Raw Data Reports covering everything from attribution and performance data to postbacks.
It’s your business. You deserve nothing less than unadulterated access to your data.

Independent. Unbiased.

Unlike other attribution providers, we have no interest in the success of any ad network or affiliate network. We do not offer any paid products for ad or affiliate networks, and have no financial relationships with any ad networks or affiliate networks.  This is why we are trusted by the world’s largest brands, developers and agencies to provide third-party performance data. In fact, our Raw Data Reports are commonly trusted by networks and big advertisers as a basis for CPA campaign payments.

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Enterprise-grade mobile fraud protection for the world’s most advanced marketers. Unique, scale enables data-driven protection from the most advanced types of fraud, including device farms and DeviceID Reset Fraud. Protects every element of your mobile business, from your user acquisition budgets to your omnichannel data integrity, time and budget allocation.

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Global Security Compliance

Data security, scalability and performance are our lifeblood. Our state-of-the-art real-time infrastructure, advanced security and data protection, independent certifications and global regulatory compliance have earned the trust of the world’s leading brands.

With AppsFlyer, your data is always private, safe and secure. We have done the hard work checking the security and compliance boxes, so you can focus on your marketing performance.

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