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Independent and Unbiased
Mobile Attribution

Because Integrity Matters

Attribution platforms play a pivotal role in mobile app marketing, reporting which media sources and ad networks are over or underperforming. Marketers of all sizes rely on these insights to guide their media budget allocations, informing billions of dollars of global ad spend. It is therefore imperative that marketers carefully vet their attribution providers, working only with those who have earned the trust of the industry, who have certified integrations with the leading global ad networks, and those with no financial interest in ad or affiliate network performance.

At AppsFlyer, our sole interest is in delivering clean and clear performance measurement to mobile marketers.

  • We do not offer any paid products for ad networks nor affiliate networks.
  • We do not resell customer data as a DSP
  • We have never taken any funding from media companies or ad networks
  • We do not offer a paid preferred partner program

Every decision we make is weighed against a single consideration – What is this in the best interest of the advertiser?

This singularity of purpose provides AppsFlyer with a unique, unbiased position in the market – that of an unbiased third-party. This independent position, as well as and our commitment to accuracy and transparency, has made AppsFlyer The Attribution Authority. This is why so many advertisers and ad networks trust AppsFlyer as the arbiter of mobile attribution and performance. This is why so many media buys, IOs (insertion orders) and POs (purchase orders), stipulate that performance-based payments (e.g. CPI or CPA campaigns) will be made based on AppsFlyer’s reporting. This is why startups seeking scale look for candidates with experience working with AppsFlyer. And this is why our performance indexes and data studies are so widely reported in the industry press.

Your mobile performance data is too important to trust to an attribution provider with outside interests. Unbiased mobile attribution is the only way to go.

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