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Partners' Perspective

By integrating with AppsFlyer, you become one of AppsFlyer’s trusted partners with access to over 10,000 advertisers. Advertisers will reap the benefit of our Universal SDK, providing them with the flexibility to use numerous partners at once without additional development. That means if an advertiser wants to work with you, all they have to do is select you from a list of partners and boom they’re good to go! There is absolutely no delay.

The Benefits of Integrating

As an integrated partner, you’ll be able to login into your own dashboard to review advertisers’ campaign real-time data allowing you to make optimizations on your backend. Feel empowered to export it all to your BI system using Raw Data Reports. You will receive install and in-app event postback data on all events not just attributed ones. Powerful filtering options will allow you to drill down and get as granular as you need.

Your advertisers will be able to take advantage of our robust features including cost and ROI reporting, rich in-app events which have been preconfigured, TV attribution, and so much more. Beyond receiving attribution data on installs, your advertisers can also receive postbacks on retargeting, multi-touch attribution as well as TV attribution. AppsFlyer’s in-depth attribution data will give you more ways to enhance your own data collection on behalf of the advertiser. Did an install come from a push messaging campaign? AppsFlyer’s attribution data will give your advertisers the answers they need to make critical optimization decisions that impact their bottom line.

What do I need to do to integrate with AppsFlyer?

There is not much a potential partner needs to integrate except the ability to receive postbacks from AppsFlyer. Postback data is for both installs and in-app events and can be enriched with a robust library of parameters.

More than Integrations

AppsFlyer works with partners in a number of strategic ways. Partners are considered an important part of the way we work with advertisers. Many of our partners have written guest posts for our English and localized blogs, bringing their unique perspective to the conversation. In addition, we love working with our partner ad networks to create case studies highlighting our joint success with mutual clients. Other opportunities include joint events including parties or educational workshops.

We are a catalyst for stronger business connections between you and your advertising clients. Any advertiser can select an ad network in our system and request an introduction. Since the feature launched, the requests have been pouring in with no end in sight.