Organic LTV Reporting for in App Marketing | AppsFlyer

User acquisition and engagement managers often pay close attention to their organic multiplier. The organic multiplier is the number of new organic installs for each paid install. Over the past two years, the organic multiplier has dropped precipitously. Despite this trend, organic lift is still an important metric for many app marketers and can have a strong impact on an app’s average user LTV, while reducing the eCPI and can be a key component in turning the positive ROI corner.

AppsFlyer gives marketers the organic edge they need with:


Comprehensive organic data

The AppsFlyer dashboard provides deep insights into organic data, including the number of organic installs and the lifetime revenue they generated. With our advanced cohort reports, marketers can define and measure organic cohorts to understand what characterizes organic users, what kind of activities they perform in-app and under which circumstances. And our dynamic, custom dashboards allow marketers to compare and analyze their organic performance alongside their paid media or specific paid media sources.


Certification as a Facebook and Twitter Mobile Measurement Partner

Only certified Facebook and Twitter MMPs can accurately differentiate between organic and non-organic traffic coming from two of the top media sources in the ecosystem.


OneLink: perfect for user invites

Determine which GEOs, platforms, channels and types of non-paid promotions deliver the highest number of invites (and which do not) – it’s all part of our powerful OneLink solution.


Measure keywords that drove organic installs

Determine which keywords from Google search and Google Play drove each install to gain valuable insights that inform keyword optimization efforts.