How Mobile Attribution Works | AppsFlyer

How AppsFlyer’s Mobile Attribution Works

AppsFlyer’s mobile app user attribution is built on five key components:


Integrated Partners


Certified Network Integrations


View-Through Attribution


NativeTrack: Dynamic, Full Profile Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting is a useful way to identify a user when direct-conversion data is not available. However, not all fingerprinting solutions are created equal. At AppsFlyer, we collect every available parameter, maximizing your ability to attribute each install. Furthermore, NativeTrack automatically identifies invalid fingerprinting parameters, such as public IP addresses, and automatically removes these signals from consideration, dramatically improving your data accuracy.

In contrast, a new client recently noted a large discrepancy between their historical data and their AppsFlyer reporting. Further research revealed that their previous attribution provider relied on incomplete profile data. We have also seen similar issues with an over-reliance on IP information.


OneLink™ Universal Deep Linking

AppsFlyer also supports user acquisition attribution from your owned and earned media. OneLink™ universal deep links are the ideal platform for attributing installs from your email marketing, SMS campaigns, social media, out of home media and more.

Learn more about OneLink™ universal deep links.