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Product Analytics Integrations

For Product Analytics Providers

As a provider of deep mobile app analytics or omnichannel data insights, you know the importance of data to app developers. As the go-to mobile attribution platform for the global app marketing industry, integrating with AppsFlyer will improve the impact of your solutions for your customers.

With over 2000 integrated partners, including the leading product analytics providers, AppsFlyer’s has earned the trust of the leading players in the industry including Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, IBM, Adobe and more.

By integrating AppsFlyer attribution data into your dashboard, your customers gain the ability to better understand, segment and engage their users based on the world’s most comprehensive mobile app install attribution insights. Mobile attribution data presents a powerful signal that many marketers rely on to better understand user behavior and optimize their funnels. Furthermore, your AppsFlyer integration allows marketers to see the success of your push messaging and re-engagement data right alongside the marketer’s other non-organic marketing efforts. Seeing the marketing and bottom-line impact of your contributions in this context provides a powerful proof-point for your solutions.

Lastly, all AppsFlyer integrated partners are listed and categorized in the Integrated Partners section of our dashboard. Mobile app marketers and developers who are interested in any Integrated Partners have the option to request an introduction to any partners. This unique dynamic helps connect,over 10,000 engaged app developers with our entire network of integrated partners.

CoMarketing with AppsFlyer

We invest in dedicated Partner Development Managers because partners are an important component of our solution and core to our advertiser-centric offering. As such, maintaining strong, strategic relationships is key to our success, and the success of the entire ecosystem. We work closely with partners to help promote our partnerships in number of ways.

By contributing as guest posts for our global or localized blogs, partners bring their expertise and insights to the conversation and our advertisers. This is a great way to share your unique perspective and reach a different class of advertisers. Similarly, the AppsFlyer team is also available to contribute to partner blogs and publications.

Additionally, AppsFlyer’s data studies are regularly cited by industry press and thought leaders across the globe at major events. We have and continue to publish joint data-studies and thought leadership data stories with our integrated partners. On that note, case studies are a great way to highlight the power of our combined solutions, and have become very popular across an array of partners. Other opportunities include joint events, parties and educational workshops.

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