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Product Analytics Integrations

For Advertisers

Attribution and marketing analytics should work closely and in-sync with product analytics and push messaging providers. Where mobile attribution and marketing analytics platforms like AppsFlyer help mobile marketers understand the impact of each campaign on their bottom line performance, product analytics platforms enhance this data with with userflow and heatmap tools, A/B testing capabilities, push notifications, automation and more. AppsFlyer’s deep integrations with the leading product analytics partners break the barrier between the product and the marketing teams, providing an end-to-end understanding of users across the entire funnel.

AppsFlyer has seamless integrations with leading omnichannel platforms like IBM UBX and Adobe Marketing cloud, as well as dozens of mobile-centric product analytics platforms like MixPanel, Krux and Swrve. AppsFlyer’s Universal SDK provides the deep integrations and the data portability savvy marketers rely on, syncing mobile attribution and engagement data across providers and platforms.

Setting Up Sync - It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Once you install the AppsFlyer SDK, the integration process is fairly simple. Just add a token to the integrated partners screen and a few parameters to the SDK. It’s as easy as that. The best part is that you can expect joint support both from AppsFlyer and the product analytics solution of your choice – we have strong working relationships and deep experience working together. You’ll will always feel that there is someone there for you.

User Behavior

Once you understand where your users are coming from (attribution), you can connect this data to the product analytics platforms to better engage and understand these users (based on the added insights provided by the partner). For instance, if you’re running an incentivized campaign, you probably expect those users to behave differently and will want to engage them differently than users coming from other non-incentivized sources. In this case, AppsFlyer can pass the attribution to the partner, and the partner platform can then enroll this user in a specialized engagement campaign. To close the loop, you can measure the success of your push-messaging and re-engagement campaigns right in AppsFlyer. This allows both product managers and marketing managers to work hand-in-hand, optimizing and making critical decisions to improve your bottom line.

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