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Retargeting Provider Integrations


retargeting_networksRetargeting campaigns, also called re-engagement campaigns, allow advertisers to target specific users to drive specific engagements. Retargeting is a great way to reactivate lapsed users, target users with specific offers based on their interests, upsell users who recently completed purchases of specific activities, or re-engage users who recently uninstalled an app. Retargeting campaigns are carefully measured against specific KPIs.

A number of AppsFlyer’s over 2,000 partners offer retargeting capabilities. To enable retargeting networks, app marketers typically need to add the retargeting provider’s SDK to their app. AppsFlyer customers however, can simply share their rich in-app events with retargeting networks via the AppsFlyer partner integrations and avoid the need to add any new SDKs, allowing marketers to work smarter and faster.

AppsFlyer’s retargeting solutions support both ID matching and in-app event based retargeting. Additionally, while AppsFlyer’s default attribution lookback window for reattribution is 30 days by default, all customers have the ability to customize their attribution lookback window.

For more information, check out our Help Center article on retargeting attribution.