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Right Now

A Real-Time Window Into Your Growth

Mobile marketing occurs in real-time, and mobile marketers need access to their performance data, in real-time. The AppsFlyer Overview Dashboard provides the latest real-time data each time the page loads. But there are times where marketers want access to live data in real-time – without needing to refresh the page. The Right Now Real-Time Window empowers marketers with live data, auto-refreshing the visuals literally every three seconds.

The Right Now dashboard is available to all AppsFlyer customers under the Labs menu on the left navigation.

Right Now is the only solution in the market to provide real-time insights into mobile app marketing performance as it happens. This pulsating, active view of shows all installs, both organic and non-organic across all campaigns, as they occur. The live display also shows these installs as they occur, based on their geography. Blue installs represent organic installs and green represent non-organic installs.


Below the dynamic chart, is a table with a breakdown of the top media sources within a 10-minute time span. This table includes the number of installs, as well as each media source’s recent conversion rate.

Right Now is a great resource to have a huge office screen so the entire team can measure the progress of campaign and optimize their spend and a helpful tool for marketers looking to micro-optimize their spend.