Web Attribution

People-Based Insights

Increasingly, smart marketers are looking to connect their mobile app and web attribution and engagement data, creating unified, people-based insights. This user-centric, cross-channel measurement holds incredible promise: delivering better insights and customer profiling, cross-platform audience management, improved user acquisition and cross-platform personalization.

How Web Attribution Works

AppsFlyer offers marketers and developers two ways to connect their mobile app and web data.

1. Robust Server-to-Server Events
Our dynamic platform makes it easy for businesses to report their web activity to the AppsFlyer platform via simple, but powerful server-to-server events. Use a common ID to connect your web and mobile data.

2. Sync Customer or User IDs via Adobe, DoubleClick and more
Take advantage of our deep integrations with leading web measurement solutions including Adobe, DoubleClick, Segment, VisualIQ, Neustar and Convertro to sync your Customer or User IDs with your AppsFlyer IDs to deliver a seamless, cross-channel single customer view.

360 Customer Insights and Profiling

Create comprehensive customer insights and profiles by linking your web and mobile app engagement. For example, compare customer shopping profiles, interests and behaviors across platforms to improve your customer experience and user acquisition.

Cross-Platform Audience Management

With stronger, cross-channel customer insights and profiles, your target Audiences become far smarter and more impactful. Sync your AppsFlyer Audiences across both desktop and mobile networks or platforms to optimize your cross-channel user acquisition, engagement and retargeting.

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Improved User Acquisition and Business Performance

In traditional, channel-centric marketing, mobile marketers measure their mobile engagement and revenues, while web marketers measure their desktop engagement and revenues. In reality, a customer first acquired on the web may go on to engage and spend far more on mobile or even in-store. By unifying engagement and revenue data, marketers can measure and improve their acquisition to deliver the optimal cross-channel ROI.

Cross-Platform Personalization

Improve your web engagement and revenues by personalizing your web experience based on mobile acquisition and engagement data. On mobile, deferred deep linking allows marketers to optimize each user’s in-app experience based on the ad or link they previously clicked. This is made possible by syncing conversion data back to the app via our GetConversion parameter. This personalization dramatically improves conversion rates and bottom-line revenues.

Similarly, AppsFlyer’s server-to-server offering enables cross-platform data sync. By syncing your GetConversion data from mobile to web, you can personalize your web content and experience based on the user’s mobile attribution and engagement data. For example, let’s say Fred clicked on an ad for Vacations in Cancun and installed your mobile app. Later that day, he visited your website. By syncing the relevant AppsFlyer conversion data, your website can highlight relevant offers, driving Fred to purchase a relevant vacation package.

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