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How Accurate Segmentation Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy [Presentation]

When measuring your marketing efforts, a central element to take into consideration is your audience. You need to not only be able to properly define it, but also segment it and understand it in order to make the right decisions. Essentially, an efficient segmentation tool should instantly tell you where each user belongs according to their specific attributes.

But how can you make sure you’re doing it right?

  • Measure – The first step is defining your goals and measuring accordingly. Going deep is crucial – so make sure your data is as granular as it can be by defining rich, detailed in-app events.
  • Build – Building specific Audiences using your data, and discovering new groups you didn’t know to look for. Achieving granular measurement by defining rich in-app events (especially lower in the funnel) can make a substantial impact on your audience building and eventually on your ROI.
  • Adapt – Use segmentation to improve your performance with retargeting, lookalike targeting, exclusion targeting, cross app promotions, and better informed decisions on creatives and budgets.

Want to become a true segmentation wizard? See the full presentation below.