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The New Threat to Mobile App Marketers

Mobile fraud is evolving at an astonishing pace. When big budgets started pouring into the mobile ad industry, fraudsters took notice and followed the money. As mobile advertising expands and matures, so does the fraud. Every time the industry starts adapting to the threats and taking action, bad actors find new places to hide, and fraud becomes more advanced and harder to detect.

The newest fraud to hit our industry is DeviceID Reset Fraud – bad actors using device farms to reset their DeviceIDs in between app installs on a massive scale, generating a colossal amount of fraudulent traffic that bypasses all pre-existing anti-fraud technologies. Shortly after launching DeviceRank™a year ago, we began diving deeper into mobile device-based fraud to better understand this hidden phenomenon.

In this data study, in which we sampled over 1.1 billion app installs globally, we’ve discovered that DeviceID Reset Fraud is responsible for over half of mobile app install fraud. It will cost advertisers an estimated loss of a staggering $1.1-$1.3 billion in 2017, globally.

Our data also shows shocking numbers regarding the scope of DeviceID reset fraud, including which geographic regions, operating systems, and app categories that are affected the most.

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