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Using TV Ads for Mobile App User Acquisition

TV not only offers the largest reach when it comes to audience size (301.7 million TV viewers in the US alone according to Nielsen), it is becoming more and more data-driven with every passing year. To top that off, a staggering 84% of us watch TV with a second screen in hand, and 64% of us watch both screens at once, so it isn’t a surprise that TV is a known driver of incremental organic installs, and often plays a role in lowering mobile UA costs. It’s clear savvy mobile marketers should explore the possibilities of using TV for UA. However, one of the key challenges is making TV a relevant, measurable channel for these performance-based mobile marketers.

In this webinar, we discuss why TV is becoming a lucrative and effective acquisition and retention source for mobile app advertisers, and how you can effectively measure your TV campaigns with the right knowledge and tools. The Webinar is presented by Richard Downey, Global Head of Business Development at The Specialist Works, and Shani Rosenfelder, Content and Mobile Insights Lead at AppsFlyer.

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