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The State of Mobile Fraud: Asia Edition, Q1 2018

Fraud in the mobile app ecosystem is rampant, that much is clear. But what is less known is just how sophisticated fraudsters have become in their attempts to bypass protective measures, how hard they are hitting and who is most exposed. In our new report The State of Mobile Fraud: Asia Edition, Q1 2018 , we share new insights and data about this growing and evolving threat.

This is especially true in Asia, where the fraud rate is much higher than average. A high payout in some countries, a high volume in others, in addition to the fact that mobile app marketers are generally not as savvy in some Asian markets means that local bad actors find local apps easier to exploit.

The report, covering over 10 billion installs of 6,000 apps globally, found that mobile app marketers were exposed to 30% more fraud during the first quarter of 2018 (as compared to the 2017 quarterly average). When factoring media cost and 3rd party attribution market share estimates, financial exposure to fraud in Q1 hit $700-$800 million worldwide. Overall, the data shows an 11.5% fraud rate, a 15% increase compared to the last study.

What else is included?

  • How app install fraud rates rise and fall with changing market conditions
  • The most exposed regions and verticals
  • Understand the rising threat of bots and non-human traffic
  • How many apps are affected
  • How you can win the war on fraud, with advice from top industry experts


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