The essential guide to the Indian festive season 2020



What’s inside

As we approach the festive season in 2020, it may be tempting to say it’s been an outlier year for India’s surging app market.

This year’s online consumer behavior was markedly distinct from previous years due to the wave of lockdown measures that swept the country. Yet the deluge of online shoppers that subsequently rushed online have given many app categories a significant boost – one that’s unlikely to fade for quite some time.

Created by AppsFlyer and Facebook, this guide takes a look at the festive season last year and tries to glean some insights into what 2020 could potentially look like. It will also provide you with key recommendations on how to win this festive season and beyond in the “New Normal.”

In it, we’ll cover the following main themes:

  • Trends from 2019 festive season
  • Trends from Q3 – 2020 vs. 2019 and how the festive season for 2020 is shaping up
  • Best practices for running campaigns from Facebook

We hope you will find this guide insightful for this festive season!

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