State of app marketing in India – 2021 edition


What’s inside

The India app market continued to grow in international competitiveness this year, with 2020 seeing a marginal decline in top apps from China, partly due to the geopolitical climate.

This has allowed domestic apps to sustain their domination of the app market for the second year running, with Indian apps making up almost 40% of the app market. Meanwhile, nations such as Russia, Israel, Germany, and the United States are in line to challenge second-place China.

2020’s three-month COVID-19 lockdowns took their toll on app marketing investments, and we saw a resulting reduction in NOI. In contrast, Over-the-Top streaming players invested heavily in content creation and distribution, with video consumption hitting new highs. In particular, we saw an increase in mobile consumption amongst consumers of Tier 2, 3, and 4 cities, particularly for Entertainment and Gaming apps.

Therefore, pushing regional content is rising in significance as a viable model to acquiring and retaining users.

The increase in mobile users from the COVID lockdowns, along with the increasing choice in apps, has led to a significant drop in retention. In this environment, marketers should focus on remarketing and understanding incremental lift from these campaigns, as well as referral, rewards – and most important of all – branding. 

This report looks at the year that was 2020 and how it was very different from the previous years.  We round out the report with a few critical recommendations for 2021. 

Highlights include:

  • Geographical insights from India
  • Key trends in user acquisition
  • Remarketing insights
  • How mobile ad fraud continues to impact marketing budgets

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