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Technical Guide to Attribution and Deep Linking [Guide]

Deep linking has changed the game for mobile app marketing. The ability to rapidly drive users to the optimal screen within the app, and within the right context has unlocked a world of new opportunities for modern app marketers and developers.

Whether they’re used for driving users from the mobile web to a native app, personalizing the onboarding experience or driving re-engagement from owned and earned media channels, deep links have proven time and again to be a powerful performance driver to boost user acquisition and retention.

In the past, we addressed all marketers’ deep linking challenges in a thorough guide called Everything a Marketer Needs to Know About Deep Linking. Today, we’re introducing a guide focusing on the challenges deep linking poses to developers, packed with lots of practical, developer-specific use cases, hacks and tips on how to optimize the user experience, find and fix broken links and a thorough deep dive into the deep linking tech.



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