Mastering SKAN 4.0 with AppsFlyer


Roi Tamir Product Manager, AppsFlyer
Yael Altshul Senior Product Manager, AppsFlyer
Yifat Niv Product Marketing Manager, AppsFlyer

Key highlights:

  • (4:00) Recap of SKAN 4.0
  • (14:50) AppsFlyer’s SKAN 4.0 interpretation
  • (30:00) Live demo
  • (34:40) Q&A


The much-anticipated release of SKAN 4.0 not only brings a wealth of new features, it also brings a lot of options for both ad networks and app developers. With each version update, SKAN brings more value — but it also becomes increasingly complex, and there are more and more questions.

So, is SKAN 4.0 the most advertiser-friendly version of SKAN to date? Or is it the most complicated?

The answer will vary depending on which SKAN 4.0 solution you’re using.

Since the latest version of SKAN was first announced in WWDC22, AppsFlyer has been working on a solution that simplifies SKAN 4.0 for our customers and the industry as a whole.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the basic concepts of SKAN 4.0, how AppsFlyer has chosen to interpret SKAN and why, and how to master SKAN 4.0 with AppsFlyer.

Watch recording here

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