Return on experience (ROX) & deep linking for mobile growth


Gaston Rendelstein Head of Product Marketing Squads, AppsFlyer

Key highlights:

  • (2:35) Return on Experience (ROX) explained
  • (7:04) The impact of being ROX-driven
  • (10:44) Deep linking and how it powers ROX
  • (12:24) How to calculate and measure ROX
  • (13:53) Use cases


“A river cuts through rock not because of its power but because of its persistence.”

The market is changing, and while it blocks our way with rocks and obstacles, our job as mobile marketing professionals is to identify new water flows.

In this webinar, we’ll talk about an overlooked water flow, return on experience (ROX)

Based on AppsFlyer data, we know that generic user acquisition journeys — in other words, ones that are not contextualized or personalized — usually generate a 5.8% click-to-install rate. 

On the other hand, when brands create contextual, personal and smooth experiences, we see amazing results: from 13% click-to-install rate all the way to 33%. Mind blowing, right?

But return on experience (ROX) is not only about user acquisition.

ROX is about delivering contextual, personal, and smooth experiences to users, in order to enrich their journey at multiple touchpoints, and ultimately increase engagement.

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