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Introducing DeviceRank: The Next Generation of Mobile Fraud Protection

Avatar Jon Burg Sep 22, 2016

Mobile fraud is a real and growing problem. By the end of 2016, mobile fraud will drain $100 miillion in verified fraud and an additional $250 million in suspected fraud from global mobile app marketing budgets. While the responsibility and liability for mobile ad and install fraud rests with those who sell and perpetrate it, we are committed to helping marketers address this growing issue. For the last five years, we have been working with the world’s largest advertisers to identify and address mobile fraud. Today, we are proud to announce the next big step forward in mobile fraud protection, an entirely new approach powered by a new class of technology. We call it DeviceRank™.

Meet DeviceRank™
DeviceRank is the next generation of mobile fraud technology and a key component of AppsFlyer’s Active Fraud Suite. Where mobile fraud protection typically relies on IP filtering and install distribution modeling, DeviceRank technology actively identifies and removes fraudulent devices, delivering 3x to 12x better fraud coverage than industry standard solutions. With over 98% of mobile devices already rated, DeviceRank delivers unparalleled device-level protection.

The DeviceRank Advantage
By addressing fraud on the device level, DeviceRank provides mobile app marketers with stronger install fraud and in-app engagement fraud protection. Cleaner mobile attribution and marketing analytics allow marketers to better optimize their campaigns, build more accurate lookalike and retargeting audiences and improve their overall performance.

This Is How We Do It
The DeviceRank algorithm utilizes over 20 attribution and engagement signals to identify fraudulent devices (rated C), suspicious devices (rated B) and real users (rated A, AA and AAA). Installs and activity from fraudulent devices (those rated C)  will not be attributed in AppsFlyer’s dashboard or reports.

Machine learning continuously updates and improves the DeviceRank algorithm, adapting to changing user behavior patterns and advances in mobile fraud.

Getting Down To Business
DeviceRank™ protection is included for all AppsFlyer customers at no additional charge.

Currently in beta, DeviceRank Insights is a premium offering, providing marketers with access to full raw data reports on their blocked clicks, installs and in-app events, along with the option to work with a dedicated, professional fraud analyst. DeviceRank Insights reporting will be integrated into customer’s AppsFlyer dashboards in the near future. We anticipate high demand for the DeviceRank Insights beta. If you are interested in this participating in this closed beta opportunity, please register as soon as possible.

Learn More About DeviceRank
Learn more about DeviceRank and sign up for an AppsFlyer demo or the DeviceRank Insights beta at www.devicerank.me.