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Introducing Pivot, 75+ Cost Networks, Raw Uninstall Reports and more!

Avatar Jon Burg Mar 27, 2017

It’s a very exciting time to be a mobile marketer. Coming out of a fantastic week at MAMA Berlin, ShopTalk and Adobe Summit, we are thrilled to share this product update. Thank you to all the amazing marketers and partners who joined us at these events and shared your feedback!

Pivot: Big data analysis, built for mobile marketers!
We are proud to introduce Pivot, the first dynamic, user-friendly, big data analysis report for mobile marketers. Pivot allows marketers to analyze up to 100,000 rows of aggregate data in real-time. Every element of Pivot is customizable, from the report rows and columns to the data types, filters, and dimensions. You can even save, clone, edit and share Pivot with colleagues, making collaboration a breeze.

With Pivot, marketers can answer their most challenging questions quickly and easily – no need to build offline pivot tables or wait for data scientists ever again!

To learn more about Pivot or add this premium report to your dashboard, please contact your AppsFlyer representative. Not yet an AppsFlyer customer? Please schedule your AppsFlyer demo today! We look forward to speaking with you.

Cost and ROI Reporting Across 75+ Networks!
Product Updates_March_2017-03
Automated cost reporting in the AppsFlyer dashboard has been a game changer from day one, allowing marketers to easily and effectively measure their CPI, CPA and ROI. With the addition of over a dozen new networks including AppLovin, StartApp and AdColony, as well as our existing cost-reporting networks including Google and Facebook, mobile marketers can now quickly optimize their campaigns to improve their bottom line impact across a substantial portion of their traffic. This is a big deal!

And this is just the start. Please reach out to your AppsFlyer representative to request additional networks, or to learn more about adding Cost reporting to your AppsFlyer integration.

Raw Uninstall Data
Product Updates_March_2017-04Uninstall data is one of the most exciting metrics in the AppsFlyer dashboard, allowing marketers to improve their user retention and re-engagement. By popular request, non-organic uninstall data is now available as a Raw Data Report, via API and synced via Data Locker. This also allows marketers to analyze uninstalls per device or user characteristics, or to build an audience around uninstalls for retargeting.

Contact your AppsFlyer representative to access this feature.

Retention Report Upgrades
Retention_gif_no-side-barSpeaking of improving retention, the all new AppsFlyer retention reports have received more than just a facelift. With 8 new filters and group by options including Agency (af_prt), Adset (af_adset), Ad (af_ad), Channel (af_channel), Keywords (af_keywords), App Version (app_version), SDK Version (sdk_version) and Attribution Touch Type (attribution_touch_type e.g. impression / click), it has never been easier to understand and improve your customer retention.

Data Locker now syncs even MORE, just as easily
Product Updates_March_2017-05
Data Locker is the easiest way to sync all of your AppsFlyer attribution and engagement data to your data visualization platform; via a secure, Amazon S3 locker. Thanks to fantastic customer feedback, we have added both impression data and non-organic uninstall data – so you can make full use of your AppsFlyer attribution and engagement data, without any blind spots.

Adobe and Oracle Integrations Have Arrived!
Product Updates_March_2017-07
Enterprise businesses need end-to-end mobile attribution that seamlessly integrates with their existing tech stack. With this in mind, we are proud to announce robust integrations for both Adobe Marketing Cloud and the Oracle Marketing Cloud (including Responsys). These powerful integrations enable enhanced cross-channel ROI as well integrated mobile attribution from owned and earned media – powered by OneLink.

As an official Business Partner, AppsFlyer and Adobe provide dedicated client and technical support for all integration questions.

New KPIs for Organic Installs!
Product Updates_March_2017-06
Organic installs are a major component of every mobile app’s growth strategy, as well as a significant source of revenue. Understanding and optimizing organic install performance is a key component of app marketing. Additionally, organic install KPIs serve as a great benchmark for quantifying your paid media success.

You can now measure and understand every dimension and KPI for all of your organic installs, just like your paid media sources. Enjoy!

My Device ID Mobile Apps
Our new My Device ID apps for Android and iOS allows marketers to easily whitelist test devices, as well as view and share their Device IDs (IDFA, Google Advertising ID and Android ID). With these apps in hand, it is now even easier to test your AppsFlyer SDK integrations. My Device ID is now available on both Google Play and The App Store.

Platform updates: fresh visuals, easier access, teams and more!
The AppsFlyer platform has gotten far more user-friendly and we’ve added some new features to boot.

  • The updated API Access page makes it easy to navigate all APIs available to you.
  • The new SDK Information page provides a detailed, visual breakdown of installs by app version, SDK version, OS version and device manufacturer.
  • The new OneLink page allows you to easily navigate and manage all of your OneLinks in a beautiful, fresh design.
  • The new Team Members page allows you to manage every member of your team and define which app dashboards they have permissions to view.
  • The refreshed Test Devices page lets you easily add or remove test devices.

To learn more about these product updates, please feel free to reach out to your AppsFlyer representative, or schedule your AppsFlyer demo today.