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Introducing Protect360: Enterprise-Grade Fraud Protection

Avatar Jon Burg Sep 19, 2017

The continued growth of mobile marketing spend has attracted a growing criminal interest. By the end of 2017, 1-in-10 attributed app installs will be fraudulent. While fraudsters are primarily interested in user acquisition ad spend, the cost to mobile businesses extends far beyond ad spend, impacting mobile growth optimization and retargeting, cross-channel budget allocations and polluting omnichannel customer data and profiles. To compound matters, over 50% of all mobile fraud goes undetected by marketers and most solutions providers.

Until today.

Discovering 2x More Install Fraud
Our latest research shows that device farms (aka phone farms or click farms) now represent over half all mobile app install fraud. To put this in context, most of our industry is unprotected against most install fraud. Hiding fraud at this scale isn’t simple. Device farms effectively hide behind real clicks and real installs on real devices with fresh IP addresses and even newly reset DeviceIDs. This hidden activity generates more install fraud than click flooding, click spamming, install hijacking (aka click injection) and bots/emulators combined.


Enterprise businesses are exposed. Your media spend, data integrity, customer personas, audiences and targeting are all at risk. Though we didn’t expect to find fraud at this scale, this is our new reality. This was the driving force behind Protect360.

Protect360: Built For Serious Business
Enterprise marketers need more than just a pretty dashboard that will report on fraud after-the-fact. Marketers need a holistic, integrated solution that will protect their business against the cost and loss of mobile install fraud. Meet Protect360.


Real-Time Protection
Protect360 uses multiple layers of anti-fraud technologies and tools to deliver unparalleled real-time protection against every type of install fraud, including device and phone farms by blocking DeviceID Reset Fraud at the SiteID level. Additionally, Protect360 blocks known fraudulent devices, install hijacking, click flooding, man-in-the middle attacks and more.

Powerful Reporting
Detailed fraud savings reporting helps marketers determine when and where fraud has been blocked, so they can take proactive measures with network partners as needed.

In addition to our automated protection, Protect360 integrates with our new Live Alerts (now in closed beta), Validation Rules and our free IO Builder: Fraud Appendix to further extend this protection.

  • Live Alerts notifies the right members of your team, via their preferred messaging / communication channels as key KPIs (including fraud KPIs) change. Just set it up once, and we’ll keep an eye on your anti-fraud KPIs, letting you know when corrective action is needed.
  • Validation Rules allows you to define which installs will and will not be attributed based on a number of criteria. In addition to enforcing your targeting, Validation Rules will soon include a number of Protect360 KPIs. This is a great way to automatically block SiteIDs with high concentrations of New Devices (DeviceID Reset Fraud) or abnormal CTIT trends (install hijacking or click flooding)
  • Transparency: Built-in reporting for integrated ad networks helps maintain transparency and avoid lengthy reconciliation negotiations
  • IO Builder: Fraud Appendix is a free tool that helps marketers and networks avoid the pain and drain of lengthy reconciliation negotiations by defining their fraud benchmarks as part of the IO process – before their campaigns begin. Transparent reporting makes it easy for marketers, agencies and ad networks to determine exactly where they stand throughout the campaign, preventing any surprises when billing cycles come due
  • Partner reporting built right into Protect360 helps keep your partner ad networks up to date. Real-time postbacks and the IO Builder: Fraud Appendix keep your network partners informed throughout the process, minimizing the need for reconciliation negotiations. This also has the added benefit of helping your partners clean up any fraud issues in their inventory.

Advanced Detection
Though we aim to block all known sources and types of fraud in real-time, new sources of fraud emerge with alarming regularity. While our machine learning algorithms will automatically protect against much of this fraudulent activity, we also provide marketers with full transparency into emerging sources of fraud, so you can take appropriate measures with each of your network partners (e.g. tweaking or adding a Validation Rule).

Furthermore, marketers have the option to enable transparent reporting, granting integrated partners access to a restricted Protect360 report covering that particular network’s relevant traffic. This transparent reporting is provided for Protect360 customers at no additional cost to the advertiser or network.

Uncompromising Integrity
Like all AppsFlyer solutions, Protect360 is not available as a paid product for any ad networks, affiliate networks, DSPs/Collectives or third party data suppliers. Whereas others in this space offer paid platforms, solutions and data-exchanges to those they are tasked with measuring, this creates an inherent conflict of interest, calling into question the integrity of their entire platform. We have never and will never compromise on our integrity, or our client’s data privacy.

The Bottom Line
Mobile fraud continues to evolve. Thanks to our unique scale and machine learning, we were able to identify and quantify the unfortunate impact of a massive, new type of mobile fraud – DeviceID Reset Fraud.

Protect360 is a bold step forward in the fight against mobile fraud, providing an enterprise-grade, data-driven solution to protect serious marketers from the cost and loss of mobile fraud.

To learn more about Protect360, please speak with your Success Manager or schedule your fraud consultation today.