Success Story

Quantifying the Value of Burst Campaigns

  • #1
    in the App Store
    in the Shopping Category
  • 5X
    Growth on holiday weekends
  • 3X

BACKGROUND is an eCommerce marketplace that saves customers money on pretty much anything from TVs to toilet paper. As customers shop, Jet guides users to items that cost less when ordered together. The bigger a basket gets, the more money the customer saves.


To encourage users to build bigger baskets on a smaller screen, Jet added gamification elements to their native app experience, while reducing friction by adding features like Apple Pay and Android Pay. As a result, they averaged 7 items per order on native apps, more than any other platform. Customers were using the apps as their shopping list and checking out after they had built a big basket.

On mobile, Jet’s returning shopper rates were twice as high on their native apps. However, most of these mobile users were existing customers. They began running app install campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and Google to test whether their apps could also work as an acquisition channel. While these campaigns successfully drove new users, quickly scaling this growth proved difficult.


In the app ecosystem, app discovery heavily favors the top ranked apps in the App Store. Once an app makes it into the top 5 apps of a given category, the app is pushed even further ahead of the pack as new users discover the app.

Jet’s marketing team believed that the organic lift of a top 5 ranking in the Shopping category and top 50 overall, could scale their app quickly and efficiently. They ran a burst campaign to measure the impact of this organic lift. Jet engaged AppsFlyer to provide mobile attribution and marketing analytics data, so they could measure their success alongside their Omniture conversion and user behavior data.


As Jet broke into the top 5, they saw a significant increase in daily downloads and new buyers. This ranking tripled their pre-campaign organic download and new buyer growth rates. In fact, on holiday weekends this went as high as 5x.

AppsFlyer allowed us to easily differentiate between paid and organic traffic so we could understand the true impact of this burst campaign. Their dashboards clearly delineated our lift in organic downloads and conversions over time, quantifying the success of the campaign.