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Blocked In-App Events


What are Blocked In-App Events?

The amount of in-app events blocked due to their association to blocked installs or being identified as suspicious in post attribution events.


How This Works: 

As fraudsters start aiming for in-app events as part of their scams, installs that we managed to identify as fraudulent at the point of installation are still under observation, as well as the in-app events they produce. Other installs that were not identified as fraudulent in real-time (see post attribution) and are showcasing fraudulent behavior patterns post install will also be included here.


Why AppsFlyer:

Protect360 identifies behavioral anomalies within users even beyond the installation event. Protect360 will not only block in-app events from a blocked installation identified as fraud, but also in-app events that originated from a seemingly legitimate install, later identified as fraudulent. 


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