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Mobile Attribution and Marketing Analytics for Health & Fitness Apps [Guide]

In the Health & Fitness vertical, convenience and personalization drive installs, engagement, and loyalty as users rely on apps to keep them on track with their wellness goals.

By giving users exactly what they want — a customized experience, anytime, anywhere — and pairing their features with wearables, apps in the vertical have driven remarkable growth in the past two years. 

But the rising popularity of Health & Fitness apps has also led to intensified competition, making marketing ever more important. To successfully market your H&F app, our advanced guide dives deep into key H&F-specific topics including:

  • In-app events H&F apps should configure to meet common vertical goals (e.g. driving trial and paid subscriptions)
  • Deep linking for personalization and re-engagement 
  • How to choose your media sources
  • How to measure user activity across every channel, platform and device
  • Owned media strategy
  • Audience segmentation for UA and retargeting
  • And much more! 


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