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9 Amazing Updates, To Make Your Day That Much Better

Avatar Jon Burg Jul 05, 2017

Today’s updates are all about the little things that make a big impact. Internally, we call these projects pulleys – those updates that require a small amount of effort but deliver exponential value to marketers. Without further ado, here are our July 2017 product and platform updates.

To help you navigate this update, you can jump to any of the topics by clicking the links below:



Introducing Agency Transparency

Increasingly, marketers partnering agencies want deeper transparency into their agency activity. They want to know where their ads running, how they are performing and how their agency partners are driving their business forward.

Our new agency transparency feature allows agencies to become fully transparent with just a single click. This feature can be enabled per app, and once enabled all agency activity, from media placement through ad costs and performance will be fully transparent, reported right in the client dashboard.

OneLink Now Supports iOS 10.3!

iOS 10.3 broke universal linking for nearly every major provider. We are proud to share that OneLink and all AppsFlyer tracking links now deliver redirect support for iOS 10.3!


Organic Raw Data Reports Have Arrived – with Scheduled Reports for All!!

By popular demand, we have added the option to download organic install data as a raw data report. Organic Installations raw data reports are available for direct download, via email and can be scheduled to be sent daily. And speaking of scheduled reports… we have now unlocked scheduled reports for all customers! We have also added Sub-SiteID reporting, as well as Twitter SiteID and Facebook Ad Type. Long live raw data!

5 Integrations Updates
    1. Apple Search Ads: Better Reporting, Reattribution and Agency Support
      Apple Search Ads are quickly becoming one of the most powerful acquisition channels. Working together with Apple, we have improved the accuracy of attribution, enabled reattribution, and have added agency support, making it easier than even to manage and scale your Apple Search Ads
    2. Facebook COPPA Compliance
      Working together with our partners at Facebook, we have developed a solution to enable advertising on Facebook for marketers that are sensitive to COPPA compliance. Speak with your success manager to learn more.
    3. Facebook Messenger Is Now A Dedicated Channel
      If you are making use of Facebook’s new Sponsored Messages placement for Traffic and Conversion campaigns, you can now view resulting mobile app installs under the “Messenger” channel in our reporting dashboards, APIs and raw data reports. Be sure to associate your campaigns with your Facebook app in order to properly attribute these installs.
    4. MoPub Ad Revenue Attribution and Sub-Publishers Are Here!
      MoPub is powerful media source, both for advertisers and publishers. We are proud to announce MoPub as our latest Ad Revenue attribution partner. This straightforward integration allows publishers that run MoPub’s in-app ads to measure and attribute their associated revenues, leading to better LTV and ROI calculations and faster optimizations. On a related note, we have also upgraded our MoPub app install attribution, adding support for Mobub’s SiteID, so you can determine exactly which sub-publisher drove each install or engagement.
    5. InMobi Cost Reporting is Live!
      Running campaigns with InMobi? You can now measure your InMobi cost and ROI right from the AppsFlyer dashboard! In the media source integration, select the Cost tab, click to enable Cost reporting, and complete the selected fields. Hit Save and Close, and you’re good to go!


DeviceRank™ Upgrade

We have upgraded our install validation mechanisms on iOS to provide more comprehensive coverage. This enhancement will provide a stronger fraud signal to DeviceRank™, helping to rank device metadata profiles and block attribution and reporting of fraudulent installs and activity.

4 Big UX Upgrades
      1. Pivot Upgrades
        Since the launch of Pivot a couple of months ago, we have received incredible feedback from marketers around the world. Based on your feedback, we have introduced a number of enhancements. For example, we have improved the native export to CSV capabilities to better separate multiple dimensions for easier editing. We have also improved the manner in which rows collapse, making it easier to navigate complex Pivot reports.
      2. Custom Dashboard Enhancements
        Custom Dashboards have also gotten a nice refresh, with the addition of ROI and conversion rate data, group-by organic and non-organic, filter by channel, and local timezone and currency support.Please keep the great ideas coming!
      3. Ready… Set… Freeze!
        It’s easy to lose your place when scrolling through large spreadsheets or Pivot reports. But… what if you could keep your place, even when scrolling? With great pride and fanfare, we would like to introduce freeze panes in all tables in the AppsFlyer dashboard.That’s right. Freeze. Panes. Boom.
      4. Refresh for Pending Apps
        Waiting for your app to go live? Just click the refresh button in your dashboard to immediately change the app status in your dashboard. Forgot to push the refresh button? No worries, your dashboard will automatically update a few hours after your app goes live.


Updated tvOS SDK – with Uninstall Measurement!
We are proud to share that our latest tvOS SDK supports uninstall measurement, providing yet powerful datapoint for improving your user retention.

Master API

The AppsFlyer Master API has gotten even better with the introduction of multi-app reporting. In other words, you can now pull your data across all of your apps via a single API (for clients with access to this feature).

Updated Cordova and React Native Plugins

The AppsFlyer – Cordova and React Native Plugins has been updated, providing enhanced feature parity across the AppsFlyer native SDK and those using AppsFlyer – Cordova and AppsFlyer – React Native plugins.

To learn more about the features in this update, please contact your success manager or schedule your AppsFlyer demo today!