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Behold, The Power of Now!

Avatar Jon Burg Dec 16, 2015

When my grandfather was a child, he had to walk 7 miles to school, a movie ticket cost a penny, and his marketing reports were compiled once each fiscal quarter in a spiral notebook. Since then, we have cured polio, skinny jeans have come, gone and returned, and digital marketing data has changed everything. Digital performance analytics are highly detailed, accurate and flexible. And now, they are available in real time. Literally.

Today’s mobile app marketers are glued to their mobile app analytics. They test campaigns in hours, swap creatives and tweak targeting with remarkable frequency. For the past three years, AppsFlyer has provided the world’s best mobile app marketers with real-time reporting. Today, we are upping the ante. Marketers want insights on demand. They need their data right now. And so, we are proud to introduce, Right Now **.

Right Now is the world’s first real-time, dynamic mobile app analytics dashboard, providing the analytics insights you need as they occur. This isn’t just a step forward. It’s the beginning of a new generation of marketing analytics.

Right Now is a live view of your app growth, as it happens. Right Now showcases the impact of real-time install data, a distinctive value offered only by AppsFlyer. Whether you use Right Now to measure  your campaign performance as it happens, to optimize your campaigns in real time, to measure your real-time impact on a regional basis, or as a motivational tool displayed on an internet-connected TV (e.g. Chromecast), Right Now is the future of real-time marketing.


Born out of an internal hackathon, Right Now is the inaugural AppsFlyer Labs project. AppsFlyer Labs is a new channel, currently open to all AppsFlyer users from the convenience of  their dashboard. Over the coming months, more new projects will hand-selected for Labs. Every Labs project will spotlight experimental features that provide exciting new ways to use or interact with your mobile app marketing data.

Labs is our playground, and we hope you will join in the fun. Play with the Labs’ projects, and let us know what you think by emailing us at labs@appsflyer.com. How can we improve the project? What features would make these projects even more impactful for your business? What new Labs features would you like to see us develop? We look forward to hearing from you.

**Right Now is currently in an open beta