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Optimize every stage of the funnel, increase high-value users, and realize your true marketing ROI backed by attribution data you can trust

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From download to ding-dong

From install to delivery, measure which campaigns are driving the best conversion rates. With unlimited in-app events and dynamic audience segmentation, optimization is a snap.

Keeping your users hungry for more

In the world of mobile marketing, conversion is crucial but retention is vital for survival. Make sure your app’s retention health is in tip-top shape, engaging and inspiring users via push notifications, targeted emails and promotions to make the right choice over and over again.

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El caso de iFood con AppsFlyer

iFood boosts first-time orders by 40%

iFood gained clarity and unprecedented mobile growth with AppsFlyer, including a massive increase in high-value users. Just three months after migrating to AppsFlyer, iFood’s saw a 38% boost in their mobile install-to-first-order conversion rate.

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Get real-time insights on TV and OTT campaigns

McDonalds commercial - AppsFlyer TV attribution

Running a TV ad during a big game? Pushing a notification with special offers for a limited time only? Watch the results in real-time and optimize your ads on the go.

A feast of data with AppsFlyer’s Dashboard

  • Custom Dashboards

    Personalized dashboards provide insights in at the blink of an eye

  • Pivot Table

    Teams can analyze data right in the dashboard, no reliance on BI teams

  • Cohort & Retention

    Fine-tune your team’s KPIs with holistic data views

  • Leverage an Ecosystem

    Self-serve integrations with over 5,700 partners

  • Audience Segmentation

    Dynamically segment audiences to re-engage existing users

  • Powerful APIs

    Drive raw and aggregate data directly to your BI systems

Create thousands of fail-proof deep links instantly

Deliver users seamlessly to the right place in the app, every time. With OneLink deferred deep linking, a detour through the app store will still deliver the user to the correct final destination. The OneLink API allows marketers to create thousands of unique deep links, in an instant, for emails, text messages and more.

OneLink API - AppsFlyer

Connect the dots from web to app

Web and mobile web don’t need to be a black hole. Leverage your brand’s strong web presence to drive converted users to the app, measuring every step along the way. Create a smooth transition with Smart Banners, a sophisticated deep link that drives users to the right place in the app, every time.

Prevención de fraude - AppsFlyer

Fraud is a $19B/year problem

The mobile ecosystem is plagued with an ever-growing fraud issue. Food and drink apps in particular are suffering from a surge in fraud, with 23% of activity identified as fraudulent. AppsFlyer’s multi-layered fraud protection suite, Protect360, stops fraud before, during and after the install, protecting your data and saving you precious time and money.

Rappi optimized every stage of the funnel

Learn how Rappi, Latin America’s #1 food delivery app, boosted sign-ups by 50% with AppsFlyer. Rappi are now able to automatically measure their mobile marketing ROI, analyze engagement and purchase behavior and optimize accordingly.

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El caso de Rappi con AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer is an essential partner, delivering a deep understanding of our mobile business performance and driving our app campaign optimization. Their focus on customer success and technology innovation have raised the bar, helping us reach a new level of sophistication.

Arthur Santos, Marketing Director

AppsFlyer’s unified dashboards, deep integrations and customer service provided the Rappi team with the clarity and insights we needed to become the market leaders we are today.

Mariana Botero, Head of Digital Advertising