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Etiquetado erróneo de instalaciones incentivadas

¿Qué son las instalaciones incentivadas (Incentivized Installs)?

Incentivized installs are mobile app installs that were driven by a promotional offer or incentive. 

Incentivized traffic is not fraud. However, some sources regularly mislabel incentivized traffic as non-incentivized traffic, and this would be fraude.


How This Works:

For example, users in Game A are offered 5 free lives if they also install Game B. Though effective at driving installs, incentivized traffic often suffers from low quality and retention


Why AppsFlyer:

Through AppsFlyer reports you can identify media sources labeled as non-incentivized but showing very low user retention rates. Compare this data to your average retention rates to identify a possible mislabeling or abuse of incentivized traffic.


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