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Lista negra

Listas negras para fraude móvil

A mobile fraud blacklist is a database of known fraud signals. Any activity that matches the fraud provider’s blacklist is reported as fraud, and blocked when possible. Many anti-fraud solutions buy or maintain their own blacklists of DeviceIDs, bot signatures and IP addresses known to perpetrate fraud. Once added to a blacklist, all clicks and installs from a blacklisted source are automatically blocked.

However, it is both cheap and easy for criminals to change both their IP addresses and their DeviceIDs, evading the real-time protection offered by most blacklists. Additionally, only data providers with massive, real-time databases as well as advanced machine learning capabilities can identify fraudulent devices and IP addresses quickly and efficiently to deliver meaningful real-time protection. Similarly, many fraud providers blacklist only a couple of bot signatures, as developing a bot signature database requires is very difficult.

When selecting a fraud provider, consider the role of “first-party” versus “third-party” blacklists, the size of their databases and their mobile fraud experience. Providers relying entirely on third-party blacklists present ideal targets for fraudsters. For this reason, anti-fraud solutions that utilize first-party blacklists and global anti-fraud databases offer inherently superior protection.

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