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Del Fraude Móvil

Avalada por las mejores empresas del mundo

Protección contra fraude de nivel empresarial

Protect360 delivers comprehensive mobile fraud protection for today’s leading marketers. No matter the fraud type, our unique scale, machine learning, DeviceRankTM and behavioral analysis provide unparalleled coverage.  

Dive deeper into your fraud savings with dedicated dashboards and customizable protection.


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Innovación basada en datos

Built on the industry’s largest mobile fraud database, with over 1 trillion monthly datapoints across over 5.7 billion devices.

El aprendizaje de máquina actualiza de manera activa la protección a medida que se identifican nuevas fuentes y tipos de fraude.

Protección con integridad

Los principales marketers del mundo acuden a AppsFlyer porque somos completamente imparciales y no tenemos conflictos de intereses.

No ofrecemos ningún producto pagado ni sociedades con redes de publicidad, redes de afiliados o DSP.

Save Time And Money

Antes y después de las campañas
with IO Builder: Fraud Appendix and fully transparent reporting

Durante las campañas
con protección en tiempo real incluyendo Live Alerts y Validation Rules

Beneath The Hood

Imagen de Cómo funciona
Protect360 has been eye-opening.

We chose AppsFlyer and never looked back.
Jacob Kruger
Head of Marketing
It can be very tough to identify fraud, which is one of the reasons we love AppsFlyer.
Justin Neustadter
Gerente de adquisición de usuarios móviles
I recommend AppsFlyer because it is a very solid platform.

Without them, our spending would be 50% lower.
Enrique Tapias
Director Ejecutivo
We need to make sure that our customers have a strong anti-fraud solution.
Matt Asay
VP of Mobile
Fraud is one of the biggest risks of our times.
Anjuman Bhatt
Head of Digital Media
We can't image running such a powerful marketing ecosystem without AppsFlyer.
Paramjeet Singh Bhallah
Senior Director

Protect360 en acción

Device Farms

El problema

Los defraudadores hacen clic en anuncios reales e instalan aplicaciones en dispositivos reales para generar engagement real.

They regularly reset their DeviceIDs and change their IP addresses, hiding their fraud at scale.

Nuestra solución

DeviceRank blocks devices in device farms and blacklists sources of DeviceID Reset Fraud, blocking fraud in real-time.


El problema

Criminals use bots in an attempt to simulate a realistic customer journey.

Nuestra solución

Protect360 blocks installs from recognized bot signatures, uses SDK security measures to prevent false SDK calls, and blocks non-human traffic via our proprietary behavioral anomalies solution. 

Secuestro de instalaciones

El problema

Malware detects a real activity (e.g. an install) and sends a click report or false referral data to “hijack” the install.

Nuestra solución

Block installs with short Click to Install Time (CTIT), conflicting referral data or other hijacking signals. 

Customize and target your install hijacking protection with Validation Rules.