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Measure everything.

The insights you need to optimize your marketing.


    Analyze post-install behavior and identify loyal users with unlimited rich in-app events. Discover the true quality and value of your incoming traffic across all media sources.

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    Gain a unified view of your users' journeys no matter the channel, platform, or device, both online and off.

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    AppsFlyer offers robust LTV measurement capabilities and cost integrations with a large number of media sources. Uncover your users' true LTV.

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    Get all your own raw and aggregate data, right in your own BI. Choose from a selection of APIs to get 24/7 access to all your marketing data. Your data, your way.

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It’s not the destination, it’s the journey

The conversion path in travel is a long and complex one that spans across multiple devices. Engage users throughout the funnel, from the initial touchpoint all the way to conversion; across devices, channels and platforms.

Smooth sailing from web to app

Capitalize on your web traffic. Create a powerful trigger point along the customer journey to convert web users to highly engaged, loyal app users.

The perfect conversion path via contextual delivery

Our deep links contain information about the users: what campaign they come from, who referred them, what content they were seeing when clicking on the link and more, delivering a contextually relevant experience based on these data points as soon as the app is opened.

Whether on owned or earned media, our OneLink powerful deep links remove friction and drive users straight to the in-app point of sale — even after install.

fraud prevention AppsFlyer for business and productivity apps

35.8% of travel app downloads are fraud. Protect your business.

With an estimated $30 billion spent annually on user acquisition, the mobile industry is particularly enticing for fraudsters. With more than 1 in 3 downloads identified as fraudulent, travel is the #3 most targeted category for fraudsters. AppsFlyer’s multi-layered fraud protection suite, Protect360, detects and prevents fraud before, during and after the install, saving you time and money.

The definitive guide to mobile attribution for travel marketers

Power up your campaigns by learning from specific travel use cases and challenges.

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Skyscanner’s mobile-first transformation

Learn how SkyScanner turbocharged their mobile app growth and mobile app loyalty using AppsFlyer.

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AppsFlyer’s intuitive dashboards, real-time data and full-featured raw data reports are head and shoulders above the pack. Behind all of these amazing features though is an extremely talented customer support team ready to help us with every question and challenge we have encountered.

Judith Byers, Growth Lead

AppsFlyer's mastery in mobile attribution has been a major key to the success of our mobile campaigns and is an essential component of our marketing tech stack.

Simon Lejeune, Head of User Acquisition