Security & Privacy

Your customers’ data should always be kept safe and risk-free. By exceeding industry standards for privacy and security we ensure your data is protected and your business is compliant.

Following the Strictest Industry Standards

AppsFlyer is an enterprise CRM-like SaaS platform that allows app developers to store, own, manage, analyze and control their customers’ data. At its core lies a smart database that allows app developers to keep their end-users’ data secure and private. Our products help our customers to be compliant with privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, COPPA, and others.

Attribution rookies can expose your business to data vulnerabilities

Staying ahead of the risks in the ever-evolving mobile ecosystem is crucial to the health of your business. AppsFlyer’s products are designed with security and privacy at the forefront, with the dedicated security and privacy team involved from the earliest stages of development.
AppsFlyer is not a data broker. It does not build targeting profiles, does not sell data, and does not otherwise utilize any app user personal data for its own purposes. In fact, having the AppsFlyer SDK in an app is evidence that said app’s developer takes their end-users’ privacy very seriously, by owning and controlling their customers’ data.

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Compliance Program

While other attribution companies have been subject to repeated breaches, leaks and compliance failures, AppsFlyer has offered (and continues to expand) an unparalleled global compliance and certification program.

Comparing Compliance Across the Industry

AppsFlyer is an extension of your technology stack

Not all SDKs are equal. The AppsFlyer SDK acts as an extension to our customers’ technology stack and as an interface for the AppsFlyer CRM and database product.
Just like hosted email providers and most CRMs and cloud computing solutions, AppsFlyer is an extension of the app developer’s technology stack. While we are essentially a third-party software, we serve as a first-party software at the core of our customers’ technology stack.

GDPR & CCPA Compliance

AppsFlyer is committed to and investing significant and strategic resources—implementing rigorous organizational and technical measures—to provide diligent GDPR and CCPA compliance across our solutions and teams.


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OpenGDPR is an open-source API contributed by AppsFlyer and other industry leaders, setting a common framework and a set of recommendations for brands to cooperate around the fair and transparent use of user data and maintain a connected and compliant stack.

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Physical and Environmental Security

Data Center Security
AppsFlyer’s production environment complies with the highest industry standards for physical, environmental, and hosting controls.

Cloud Infrastructure
We use multi-layered controls to help protect our infrastructure, constantly monitoring and improving our applications, systems, and processes to meet the growing demands and challenges of security. AppsFlyer utilizes a wide range of tools to monitor its environment across data centers on both the server and application level.

Product Security

Product Development
The AppsFlyer secure software development lifecycle (S-SDLC) standard helps ensure the delivery of a highly secure platform. AppsFlyer implements testing for security vulnerabilities on a regular basis both in-house and by independent security assessment service providers.

AppsFlyer isolates each customer’s account data from other customers and users and encrypts the data at rest. Our web servers support strong encryption protocols to secure connections between customer devices and AppsFlyer’s web services and APIs.

Change Management
AppsFlyer follows a strict change management process. Changes are measured, reviewed and approved to ensure operational changes are aligned with AppsFlyer’s business objectives and compliance requirements.

Control the data you share with partners

AppsFlyer provides you with advanced control over your attribution data. AppsFlyer’s self-serve access to 5,000+ advertising and technological partners enables you to determine how you want to connect and what you want to share. 


Privacy Policy

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Security Whitepaper

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Authentication Capabilities

Your data is your data, in your control.

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Meet Guy, Our CISO & DPO

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Security questions or issues?

Our dedicated privacy and security teams work very hard to make sure our platform is secure and your data is safe.
However, If you think you may have found a security issue within AppsFlyer, please get in touch with our team.