Trusted Web Activity based apps just got a boost with attribution data

By Lior Goldin
twa based apps attribution data

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) can be showcased on the Play Store by wrapping it in an Android App using Trusted Web Activity (TWA). With AppsFlyer support for Trusted Web Activity based apps, measuring attribution data becomes possible and you can start to benefit from data you can trust.

Measuring Trusted Web Activity based apps provides visibility into users’ interactions allowing you to map their actions and make the right decisions based on advanced analytics. 

All the rich data and functionalities that you are familiar with from the native apps world are available and can be identified by an AppsFlyer unique identifier per device – per app that will be associated with every event.

Imagine the consolidated data of your customers at your fingertips

Now, when you have all the attribution data related to your Trusted Web Activity based app available, you will be able to:

  • Transform data into actionable insights discover new patterns and opportunities, helping you make the most informed decisions to support maximum growth. 
  • Take personalisation to the next phase optimize campaigns and maximize the impact of each customer touchpoint, delivering the best customer experience possible. 
  • Ensure the highest levels of fraud protection – protect your business from the threat of mobile ad fraud at every level of the conversion flow with enterprise-grade protection, fueled by the world’s largest attribution database.

Delivering app-like experiences for your users

Trusted Web Activity allows a user to install user experiences as native apps and launch them in full screen. This way Trusted Web Activity based apps users will not be exposed to the website address and will remain unaware of the different code behind the scenes.

When it comes to attribution, technologies such as deep linking and deferred deep linking still play a key role in providing a personalized experience by leading the user to land on the specific page they had searched for, whether the mobile application was previously installed or not.

OneLink, AppsFlyer’s deep linking solution, for example, can route users to the optimal destination – landing page, app store, contextual in-app experience – ensuring a smooth experience and an end to broken links.

Mobile marketing powered by data

Rich data on engagement rates and in-app events will help you analyze and optimize your campaign’s performance. 

Appsflyer’s mission is to provide your business with accurate data so you can extract actionable insights based on your customers’ full journey, leading to significant outcomes. AppsFlyer’s support for Trusted Web Activity based apps is here to enhance your mobile journey and open up new opportunities.

To learn more about PWA and TWA, please check out this link.

Lior Goldin

As a Partner Development Manager, Lior manages AppsFlyer’s worldwide partnership with Google. Prior to joining AppsFlyer, Lior worked with leading marketers and agencies, bringing innovative marketing and advertising campaigns to life.

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