AppsFlyer for health and fitness apps

Get your user acquisition and revenue in shape

AppsFlyer helps you work out the best way to increase subscriptions, engage your current users, and build new audiences, all with the best security and privacy in the industry.

Strengthen your subscription base and revenue with comprehensive insights

Understanding how your users engage with your brand across devices is key to driving revenue. Our comprehensive attribution tools give you complete insight into subscriptions, renewals, and purchases across web and app so you can optimize all of your revenue streams.

Create brand consistency across every channel and device

Influencers and owned media are some of the most important sources of new users. Our deep linking and engagement suite empowers you to use your existing brand equity by creating branded links and seamless user journeys that easily drive traffic to your app.

Re-engage dormant users with advanced segmentation

Building the right audiences is a powerful and effective way to engage dormant users. We give you the tools to connect with and re-engage users that aren’t currently active, without bothering the ones that are, by delivering the right message to the right user at the right time.

Keep all of your user data secure and HIPAA compliant

Health and fitness apps frequently handle sensitive personal information. We keep your data safe and compliant by taking a privacy by design approach that lets you select which data you share and with whom, while maintaining the strictest standards for compliance across every global market.

“AppsFlyer proporciona a nuestro equipo datos de atribución precisos, lo que nos brinda una visión holística y desactualizada de nuestras actividades de marketing. ” Nuestra toma de decisiones basada en datos se hace posible con AppsFlyer”.”

Give your marketing efforts a workout

Get everything you need to keep your data secure, create brand consistency, engage your users, and drive revenue, all from one platform


Integrarse con todos los socios globales sin sudar.

Conecta con más fuentes de medios, redes de publicidad y socios analíticos que cualquier otra plataforma de marketing.