Extraction de données brutes

All Your Data, Right At Your Fingertips

Data savvy mobile marketers love their dashboards, but they have a special place in their hearts for raw data. Raw data reports provide mobile app marketers with access to everything that their attribution and analytics providers measure – so the marketer can dive deeper into their data, slicing, dicing and analyzing the data to their heart’s content. AppsFlyer provides marketers with 24/7 access to their raw data reports.

At AppsFlyer, we believe that all marketers should have total access to their data, any way they want to use it. Raw data reports can be accessed at any time as a CSV download or synced automatically to external BI systems, or even delivered daily via email. Raw data access is an incredible feature, and one of the most popular components of the AppsFlyer platform, especially for experienced, professional marketers. In fact, many large mobile app marketers and ad networks now use their Raw Data Reports as a basis for performance-based billing (the networks are paid based on Raw Data Reports).

Putting Raw Data Reports To Work

Raw data contains a treasure trove of information and can provide insights many marketers never even thought possible. What days of the week are users most active? Are purchases frequently made within a specific geographic proximity to bricks-and-mortar locations? The possibilities are endless. This data can be used to highly targeted retargeted campaigns, build better-targeted messages, identify potential fraud and so much more.

  • Market Insights and New Market Discovery
    While targeted campaigns help attract specific types of users, you may be surprised to discover other populations of users that are installing or using your app. Often, marketers discover new audiences, geos and demographics via their retention and cohort reports and raw data reports. This data can help you create new opportunities hadn’t been previously considered, including secondary uses for the app and expansion into foreign markets.
  • Trend and Fraud Analysis
    One of the keys to raw data report analysis is to find new usage or behavioral patterns. Some patterns will be expected, such as users completing purchases after receiving discounts or special offers. However, there may be other patterns that may prove difficult to explain. These patters are often a sign of mobile fraud and should be addressed.

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