Raw data & APIs: AppsFlyer

Connect all of your data with ease

Our APIs and raw data solutions help you sync your attribution and marketing analytics data to any destination, in real time

Comprehensive and secure access to your most important asset, your data

Raw data & APIs: Store data in cloud

Store all of your data in the cloud

Get comprehensive raw data reports sent directly to your preferred cloud storage solution securely and easily, while making sure it’s immediately available 24/7.

Raw data & APIs: sync raw and aggregate data

Sync raw and aggregate data directly into your BI using our APIs

Sync all of your attribution and marketing analytics data with your internal BI platforms on-demand for rapid optimization, or in bulk for in-depth analysis, while choosing between raw and aggregate data output for additional customizability.

Raw data & APIs: export data

Export your data to CSV reports or send it directly to your email

Access your data at any time, download it as a CSV, or even have it delivered daily via email. You can choose between a variety of data points and in-app events as well as build templates for your team to use on a daily basis.

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“AppsFlyer’s Data Locker enables us to unlock the rich potential of granular attribution and performance insights at scale in near real-time.”

What you can do with our APIs and raw data solutions

Create advanced segmentation

Customize reports for the insights you need by configuring attribution, engagement, session, and click data.

Apply your own fractional attribution logic

Leverage your own fractional models with raw data reports that include reporting across the funnel.

Perform advanced fraud analysis

Find fraudulent activity in your app by using raw data reports to identify behavioral patterns and perform usage analysis.

Resolve discrepancies between data platforms

Create alignment between your data from different platforms by relying on our raw data reports as your single source of truth.

Ready to connect all of your data with ease?