Announcing exciting mobile attribution updates

By Minnie Katzen Mayer
mobile attribution updates

Innovation and platform richness is one of the fundamental pillars at AppsFlyer’s core.

Our product is constantly evolving, alongside the industry’s continuous growth, to deliver the most advanced attribution technology to the world’s best companies.

As such, we’re excited to share with you some of the updates that we’ve released in the last few months.

Partner attribution updates

1. Support for Open Advertiser ID

Huawei recently announced that the Open Advertiser Identifier (OAID) is supported in newer devices and market indications are that OAID will become the standard identifier in China for attribution.

If you’re marketing to app users in China, you’ll be pleased to hear that AppsFlyer now supports OAID measurement for devices that do not have GAID

2. Integrated Partner Activation

AppsFlyer provides you with advanced control over your attribution data and how you share it with partners and agencies.

By making the proactive choice to “Activate Partner” in your Integrated Partners tab, your data is in your control.

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3. Snap re-engagement support – coming soon!

AppsFlyer is excited to announce that we will soon offer advanced support for customers running re-engagement campaigns with Snap. This will include support for view-through re-engagement attribution.  

Enhanced retargeting

1. View-through attribution for re-engagements

Impressions are a crucial piece of the attribution puzzle.

AppsFlyer recently released an upgrade to enhanced retargeting, enabling customers to assess the success of their retargeting campaigns by measuring impressions (and not only clicks).

2. Configuring retargeting attribution – Google, Facebook, Twitter, and DoubleClick

With our growing ecosystem of 6,000+ partners, we know that flexibility and freedom of choice is the name of the game.

You can now choose which type of conversions (reinstall or re-engagement) you would like to measure with Google and Facebook, and configure a different lookback window for re-engagement measurement with these partners as well as Twitter and DoubleClick.

3. Configuring minimum time between re-engagements

Different apps have different needs, and AppsFlyer recognizes that attribution is not a one-size-fits-all solution. A new configuration in your app settings enables you to set the timeframe for new re-engagements.

By determining the minimum time-frame between re-engagement conversions, you can avoid over-attribution of re-engagements and keep the data as clean and neat as possible.

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Minnie Katzen Mayer

Minnie is a marketing strategist with over a decade of experience in content and product marketing. Before joining AppsFlyer, Minnie led content marketing initiatives at Payoneer and several startups.

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