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90% of the Largest Real Money Games and 30% of the Top 30 Game Developers Use AppsFlyer!

After having worked with multiple tracking tools, AppsFlyer provided us with the highest attribution accuracy in order to make ROI driven decisions on our marketing spend.

Mike Grobe, CEO, Game Circus

Unmatched In-App Event Tracking


OneLink: A to Z Tracking Across All Platforms

AppsFlyer has developed the industry’s most advanced smart link solution that’s perfect for measuring user invite and referral programs, in addition to direct messaging via email or push notifications. Ultimately, OneLink creates a unified user experience in every scenario.


Go Beyond the Last Click with Multi-Touch Attribution

Understand the true value a network delivers by measuring engagement across the user journey, including clicks and views. Gaining insights on networks that drove users down the funnel offers extremely valuable data to work with, even if billing is still based on the last click model.


Free Guide for Gaming Marketers

Measure & optimize like a pro by learning from specific use cases focusing on:

  • Rich in-app events measurement
  • Retention uplift with retention tables and cohort analysis
  • User journey mapping powered by multi-touch attribution and cross-device LTV

Cross-Device LTV

Because players engage with your game on a variety of devices and environments – phone, tablet, desktop, in addition to mobile web or in-app – marketing data must be all-connected rather than siloed. With a simple server-to-server integration, AppsFlyer enables you to understand the true impact of a user acquisition or retargeting campaign by measuring any post-install/retargeting activities on any device.

Receipt Validation for In-App Purchases


AppsFlyer helps protect you from fraud by connecting to the relevant app store’s servers and validating that real money was spent in your app and that the revenue figure you see in the dashboard is accurate.

AppsFlyer for TV Ads


Running a TV campaign ahead of a new game release?

AppsFlyer is offering an industry-first, the ability to measure the impact TV ads have on immediate app installs. We’ll match data on the airing time of each ad with an install that occurs within a pre-determined time frame that follows. Post-install analytics such as retention, LTV and cohort reports are then calculated to measure the full effect.